The Rose Cord leeing the vengeful Inquisitor Melyn Sir Benfro is drawn to the last resting place of a great dragon of legend Magog deep in the ancient forest Through Magog s spirit Benfro discovers the true nat

  • Title: The Rose Cord
  • Author: JamesOswald
  • ISBN: 9781405917698
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Paperback
  • leeing the vengeful Inquisitor Melyn, Sir Benfro is drawn to the last resting place of a great dragon of legend, Magog, deep in the ancient forest Through Magog s spirit, Benfro discovers the true nature of his forebears a history of unimaginable power and mystery over mankind But with this knowledge comes terrible danger Errol Ramsbottom s dreams of becoming a greatleeing the vengeful Inquisitor Melyn, Sir Benfro is drawn to the last resting place of a great dragon of legend, Magog, deep in the ancient forest Through Magog s spirit, Benfro discovers the true nature of his forebears a history of unimaginable power and mystery over mankind But with this knowledge comes terrible danger Errol Ramsbottom s dreams of becoming a great Warrior Priest have been shattered by his discovery of the dark secret of the Holy Order s power And yet as a chosen noviciate he is trapped, unwillingly drawn deeper into the sinister plans for war which will engulf Gwlad.With the forces of magic gathering so the destinies of Errol and Sir Benfro further entwine

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    One thought on “The Rose Cord”

    1. My review for Dreamwalker (the first book in the series).It would seem that this series keeps getting better and better. While I rated the first book 3½ stars, this book receives 4 whole stars from me. Yes, it took me a while to read it but it was really engaging in ways one wishes to be engaged by a fantasy novel. While the first book was simpler both plot and character wise, I felt that both Benfro and Errol (our heroes) grew so much in the course of this novel. Or should I say that they matu [...]

    2. I kinda feel bad for only giving it 2 starsbut it was just soooo sloooow. And repetitive. I felt like I read the same chapter over and over again( (view spoiler)[ how many times did Errol not die at the end of a chapter?! (hide spoiler)] )It’s a pity, really, considering how great the mythology ise story just didn’t hold my attention well enough to make make me care about the characters so yeah, I’m putting the rest of this series on hold for now.

    3. This book started right where the previous one left off. Even though it wasn't as good as the previous one I still enjoyed it a lot, mainly because of the interesting characters. I wanted to know what happened to them and right now, I cannot wait for the next book to be released in print.What I enjoyed about this book:- The characters. I wanted to know what happened to do, and the author knows when to switch point of view. I just had to read on to discover what happened after to a certain charac [...]

    4. When I started the first book I got a bit confused about the characters, and then I mean especially Benfro. He is the dragon but his parts are written the exact same way as the human parts, so I had a bit of a hard time with remembering Benfro as a dragon. I also had a hard time picturing the dragons after I finished the first book, but now that I've finished this one I understand everything so much better. I have a whole images in my head now, which I didn't have after I read the first book. If [...]

    5. The Rose Cord picks up right where Dreamwalker left off. This, I really appreciated. I'm not a fan of when sequels spend the first 20 pages recapping what happened in the preceding book. *ahem* I actually tend to speed read through those. :sThe writing style, pacing and format (?) is still very much like the first book. So I got more of all the things I loved about the first book. The excerpts from old texts were particularly good at framing my understanding of the chapter that followed. Just th [...]

    6. This story has me captivated. I went to the library yesterday to get the third book (as the website said it was available) but I couldn't find it - very disappointing! However back to the book; I love the story and am completely hooked. I can't wait to see what befalls Erroll and Sir benfro and if I hadn't got another book from the library to read I would just have downloaded it on my Kindle.This is one of only a few series that I have just wanted to get straight into reading the next instalment [...]

    7. I enjoyed this for the most part, but found it dragging toward the end. Still excited to read the next one, though.

    8. Usually, it takes me a long time to start to read the second of a series without being prompted. This one, I actively sought out shortly after finishing the first, showing that I had enjoyed the first of the series and were eager to find out more. I was not disappointed. In fact, I enjoyed The Rose Cord more than Dreamwalker, mainly as the first of the series had been more about setting the scene and there was more plot in the second book.The Rose Cord started exactly where Dreamwalker left off, [...]

    9. Book 2 allows us to spy more on the continuous struggles for survival of both Errol and Benfro. Less eventful than the first book, but undoubtedly carving out a great, intense storyline, The Rose Cord introduces new characters with spirit. I did not put this book aside for more than a day. A little less interesting was to see that when the teller shifted to antagonists. Their actions seemed to be set in stone, and though it felt natural to give them attention as well, none of the antagonists see [...]

    10. The Rose Cord definitely had a lot more to it than Dreamwalker had. There was more action and fight and I think this book was more magical than the first.There is still a lot curiosity and learning involved because of Errol and Benfro's personalities. They have both made the same impression on the "bad guys" and I can't wait for their stories to intertwine, and see what will happen in the next book

    11. Didn't like it as much as the first book. Skipped quite a lot of paragraphs about the young dragon. It feels like the first half is more focus on the journey of young dragon and the second half is more about the young boy/man now as time pass.But the whole plot is getting more interesting! The dragon and the boy showing their special abilities.

    12. I am really enjoying this series so far. I love the characters and I kept thinking certain people were going to die. Kept me on the edge of my seat.

    13. [The Rose Cord is a direct follow-up to Dreamwalker, so please be aware this review contains spoilers for that book. Also, this is a long book and the beginning was a long time ago and has been wiped from my memory: I appreciate a heads-up on any details I've got wrong]I reached the end of The Rose Cord earlier than I anticipated due to an extract of the next book being included. I was glad. This is the kind of book which makes me want to shake the author; there is a decent novel in here with so [...]

    14. I couldn't put this down! Oswald has a real skill of knowing just how to end a chapter (or indeed a book!) at a crucial moment that makes you want to just keep reading - and it's employed to stunning effect. I could well have sat and devoured this cover to cover in one sitting, and in many ways I wish I had. The continuation of Sir Benfro and Errol's adventures was, if anything, even more exciting and intriguing than the events of Dreamwalker - the story develops and grows deeper in the telling, [...]

    15. „Das Geheimnis des Magierordens“ (Orig. „The Rose Cord“) setzt da an, wo der Vorgängerteil aufhörte. Benfro flieht vor Inquisitor Melyn und seinem Orden des Hohen Fryd, nachdem sie seine Mutter ermordeten und sie ihrer Edelsteine beraubten. Ihm gelingt die Flucht, nicht zuletzt auch durch die letzte Magie seiner Mutter. Vorläufig jedenfalls. Der Geist Morgums erscheint ihm kurz darauf und trägt ihm auf, den alten Drachen Corwen ausfindig zu machen. Dort soll er seine besondere Gabe d [...]

    16. Very much enjoying the Sir Benfro series. I picked up Dreamwalker at the library, having forgotten to take a book for my break at work. I hadn't expected much, but soon found myself engrossed in the characters. Having finished the first one, I ran out to buy the next two books!The Rose Cord didn't take my breath away like Dreamwalker did, but is still a fabulous piece of fantasy that keeps you reading. Unlike the first book which really focuses on character development this one really focuses on [...]

    17. his book sees the trials and tribulations of Sir Benfro and Errol as they both try to get to grips with their powers while keeping themselves as safe as possible from those that wish to capture their secrets and see them killed.Poor Errol comes off worst as he is used and abused and eventually his foes have 3 very good tries at killing him. It is only thanks to his ability to travel the lines that he survives, though seriously injured.Benfro on the other hand fares slightly better and seems to h [...]

    18. Firstly, I have to confess to being a massive dragon fan and a lover of good fantasy fiction. Even if this weren't the case, however, I think this series would have enthralled me in much the same way.The characters have great depth and the story line is twisting and intricate - as with at the end of Dreamwalker I am left wanting more.My only criticism would be that the story did seem to amble in places, but this wasn't really detrimental and most often could be explained by the fact that the cha [...]

    19. This book was so much better than the first. So much more happened and there was so much character development! Seeing Benfro grow into a fully fledged dragon whilst being manipulated by Magog was intriguing. I still enjoyed Melyn's perspective most of all, but as the story went on, Errol started to grow on me. He gets himself into so much trouble and that little reunion at the endw.

    20. So this is when Sir Benfro finally meets Errol Ramsbottom and what a journey he has during the entire story of the book. It was so intense that I had to take the book I'm over a couple of months. Then again I'm not that fast of a reader either.4 stars only because of the fact that the journey was quite intense

    21. It really is special how this book is slowpaced, and sk much happens at the same time. Oswald takes his sweet time in unfolding and then braiding all these storylines.It's good to have/read something that moves along a little calmer than the rest of the world, though I wish I had restrained myself from finishing this book in two days :/

    22. This one was so much better than the first. Gone are all the errors and wonky writing, and it just flowed. Also major thumbs up for not doing that thing series usually do, where the second book explains what happened in the first - this one just continued where the first left off.I have thoughts about infodumps and how they have been handled in this book (and the first, tbh), but maybe later.

    23. The continuing story sometimes confusing as it switches between the 2 main characters stories, not to mention between 'real life' and 'dream state' but still a good read and I'll put my request in for Book 3.

    24. Was not as gripped with this book as with the first instalment, but will definitely continue the series. The stories had interesting developments and leave you wanting to know more and the description is vivid.

    25. I felt very conflicted about this book since there are parts I didn't like, and parts I found fascinating. At my last update I wasn't sure if I wanted to read the third book. But once again the ending made me want to know what happens further!

    26. Two separate journeys covered by Benfro, the dragon and Errol Ramsbottom, which provide twists and turns throughout this second part of The Ballard of Sir Benfro. To finally meet at the end of the book.

    27. Well that took more than a year. I put this book down because I got bored of it, but when I picked it up again it was more enjoyable. There are some interesting ideas in it.

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