The Ohana A child is dying Her life depends on an explosive secret her grandmother has kept from their Ohana family As Mary Han wrestles with the toxic revelations she must finally face the past she fought so

  • Title: The Ohana
  • Author: C.W. Schutter
  • ISBN: 9781492379911
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Paperback
  • A child is dying Her life depends on an explosive secret her grandmother has kept from their Ohana family As Mary Han wrestles with the toxic revelations, she must finally face the past she fought so hard to forget.

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      244 C.W. Schutter
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    One thought on “The Ohana”

    1. Loved this book,learnt more about the history of the islands,that I did not know,this books is full of characters and the story is strong and somehow the writer has written the book, so the reader does not loose site of who is related to whom,I found that the book made me look at my own family and put into perspective some of the decisions that I have made over the years and how my ancestors would view them today.

    2. This novel sets in Hawaii, and it expands three generations of an immigrant family. The story begins with a young girl dying, and there is nothing to save her except a secret that her grandmother, Mary, has kept from the family. As Mary ponders whether to tell her family the secret, she surfs through her memories of a past that she wants to forget, but she knows that she must face it in order to save her granddaughter.The novel begins with the story of three different people from different famil [...]

    3. I want to say how much I am enjoying this book. I am starting Part III. The first couple of pages were a little awkward for me, but once the story picked up, and I got my bearings, I was sucked right in-always what I am looking for in a book. The story has a good pace, and stays very interesting, throughout. I like the way the lives of the different characters are interwoven. It's as good as Alan Brennert's books about Hawaii. Maybe a little better. I don't want to give away much, as I hate read [...]

    4. What a wonderful book! I tend to pick up every book that takes place in Hawaii that crosses my path, and I don't really have high expectations of them. But this book completely surprised me with it's depth of character development and saga of relationships reflecting different aspects of life in Hawaii across several generations. One of the best books I've read this year.

    5. The Ohana (ohana means family in Hawaiian) is just what the description claims, a story of a family entwined with “the social, political, and economic history of Hawaii.” The family has branches originating from varied backgrounds and cultures. The story spans a time that was rife with cultural change and upheaval for all of the US. I suspect this change was more extreme for Hawaii with multiple waves of immigration as well as changes brought about from becoming a territory of the US not lon [...]

    6. There were many great features to this book which tells the story of 4 families in Hawaii with very different origins---Japan, Korea, Ireland, and Hawaii. It dates back to the 1850's and moved up to the 1990's. The families from Japan, Korea and Ireland had left those countries under desperate circunstances in the hopes of finding a better future in Hawaii. One of the families is in the highest social class in Hawaii and descended from the first white missionaries. The characters are interesting [...]

    7. Only Got Half DoneThe research this author put into this valuable work of historical fiction is something I admire and sincerely appreciate. Her characters are outstanding, too. Perhaps if I had started out by keeping notes on all of them, I would not have given up trying to sort out the ever-changing cast of foreign names--all new to me. Add to that the complications of keeping up with the various ethnic terms on a kindle, where getting to the glossary is cumbersome along with multiple careless [...]

    8. This was an interesting look at the history of Asians in Hawaii and their struggle to find their place in the beautiful island paradise. The Ohana features a large cast of characters who are brought together through the unusual circumstances of their times. We meet three generations of the ohana (family) the book is centered around. It's confusing at times because there are so many people to keep track of some go by multiple names. The story itself is okay. Sometimes I felt as though I was never [...]

    9. I found the story entertaining and the history behind it about the Korean, Japaneses and Hawaii relations before and during the second world war very interesting. It was hard though to keep track of all the characters and try to find the main one was almost imposable. Well written with colorful descriptions of the people and the world around them. I would have like to see it broken into two books maybe with more historical information.

    10. Four families from different parts of the world settle (Ireland, USA, Korea, Japan) in Hawaii and the lives of their descendants intertwine in the 20th century.Interesting charactersNo graphic sex or violence

    11. Not as good.I don't know. I think I was looking for some action and thrill in this book and didn't find it.

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