The Song of the Quarkbeast Jennifer Strange narrates managing wizards for absent Great Zambini of Kazam against Blix in contest to repair old bridge Once Powerful Boo did no magic after being kidnapped Helped by magic carpet

  • Title: The Song of the Quarkbeast
  • Author: Jasper Fforde
  • ISBN: 9781444707229
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Jennifer Strange 16 narrates managing wizards for absent Great Zambini of Kazam against Blix in contest to repair old bridge Once Powerful Boo did no magic after being kidnapped Helped by magic carpet, mating Quarkbeasts, Transient Moose, apprentice Tiger Prawns, can Kazam win Blix and royal advisor Tenbury conspire, cheat, jail mages after others turn to stone.

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      164 Jasper Fforde
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    One thought on “The Song of the Quarkbeast”

    1. Liked this one as much as the first. While not as mythically rich as YA books by some of my other favorite authors, (Tiffany Aching books from Pratchett, Coraline and Graveyard book by Gaiman.) this book has a playfulness that those books don't.There's some genuine silliness here, and I can appreciate that. Simply said, I would be happy to read this to my little boy. And I would be happy to see him reading it himself when he gets old enough for that. I'll probably wait until he's six or seven th [...]

    2. Fforde's books are always very readable, and enjoyable, but when you've seen an author's best work, you want the next book to improve one what's come before. This is the second 'Last Dragonslayer' book, Fforde's series aimed at kids/teens, following the further adventures of Jennifer Strange. However, she's no longer the Last Dragonslayer (and dragons don't feature at all), so perhaps naming the series after the first book in it was a bad move.All of Fforde's books so far - the Thursday Next set [...]

    3. This follow-up to The Last Dragonslayer has all the charm and randomness of its predecessor. Jasper Fforde seems to have made a career out ofwell, interesting prose and clever ideas, but I was thinking more along the lines of "completely random throwaway items you can't believe are part of the story." It mixes up what would otherwise be an interesting but not mind-blowingly original story.I still say Jennifer Strange doesn't sound or act like a teenager, though Fforde makes an effort (okay, not [...]

    4. Ahoy there me mateys! Yesterday I shared me second reflections of the last dragonslayer and discovered there was a book three in the series that I haven't read! So I decided to remedy that. But of course that meant taking a second look at book two first and giving me crew me second reflections, as it were, upon visitin' it again . . .This be a fun second foray into the Ununited Kingdoms. Magic is on the rise but there be a fight to see who will control it. And what better way to come up with a w [...]

    5. "Strange by name, Strange by nature."This book wasn't quite as enjoyable as the first one was. It just wasn't as hilarious but the plot was just as interesting. Kazam and iMagic (their only competitors) compete it out to gain control over magic. iMagic isn't nearly as good as Kazam, so there's a lot of underhanded shenanigans going as they try to sabotage Kazam. This led to some very interesting and silly moments throughout the book. King Snood and his Gracious Useless Brother were my favourite [...]

    6. What did I think? I think it grossly unfair that the Hodder territories have had this book for some time, whilst the colonies have been and are yet deprived until September, 2013 of this second installment of The Chronicles of Kazam. Having obtained an ARC through the good graces of my daughter making pilgrimage to BEA, I did not waste a moment in devouring every page like a Quarkbeast ravening the nearest galvanized container.I refuse to share any part of this book, not from any sense of greedi [...]

    7. Fun. The first book was also fun, but the story was a little bit disjointed. This one had better pacing and hung together a little bit better. Not enough Quarkbeast and no dragons though.

    8. Really, really fantabulous book that contained everything I expect a Fforde book to have. A lovely, quirky world, a special sense of humor (which might not be everyone's taste, I admit that) and social commentary.It may have one flaw but I rated five stars anyway because I enjoyed every single word. That one flaw is that it's quite similar to the Thursday Next series and so, the construction of the plot is somewhat predictable. Fforde adds all these details little details that become very import [...]

    9. Audiobook performed Elizabeth JasickiFrom the dust jacket - Long ago, magic began to fade, and the underemployed magicians of Kazam Mystical Arts management have been forced to take any work their sixteen-year-old acting manager, Jennifer Strange, can scare up. But things are about to change. Magical power is finally on the rise, and King Snodd IV of the Ununited Kingdoms knows that he who controls magic controls everything. Only one person stands between Snodd and his plans for a magic grab – [...]

    10. Definitely an improvement from the already quite satisfactory first book in the series. There are a lot of dominoes set up for the third and final book, due out this fall in the UK and (presumably) next fall in the US - as, I realize, this book isn't due out in the states til September. I'm excited to see where they fall and what happens in this quirky land where magic is the unit of energy, marzipan an addictive drug, and certain other things (which I'll leave to you to discover - more fun that [...]

    11. This was the 2nd book in Fforde YA series, 'The Chronicles of Kazam'. Once again this was a fun read, maybe even a bit silly in places, but in a parallel world perhaps that's normal. The characters from the 1st book are all there, or in the case of the Great Zambini he isn't, along with various fantastical beasts.The story once again follows Jennifer Strange, a 16 year old foundling, who is in temporary charge of one of the only 2 mystical houses of magic in Hereford.Somewhere along the lines Je [...]

    12. Jasper Fforde is an incredible writer. He's among that very small crowd of adult writers that can also effectively write for a younger audience. The secret, which causes so many other writers to stumble, is that children are people. The characters must have feelings and motivations, and the reader must be treated with respect as well. Failing in either regard will create a bad book; failing in both will sink it utterly. Fforde, thankfully, knows how to do both well.In this series, he created a m [...]

    13. What a fun book! *still laughing* I like Tiger, he should be a comedian. Jennifer was still as dependable as always. The sorcerers were still quirky, eccentrics, and unique. The plot was great! Full of action, tactics, and no fillers! The book is only 290 pages but took quite a while to read because it was packed. You cannot skim through it because you'll missed important plot and hints. And it was funny! Oh I love this book!

    14. I think I have just found another new favorite author. I really liked The Last Dragonslayer, and the Song of the Quarkbeast was even better. (PS I really would like to have a Quarkbeast.) I can't wait to read Jasper Fforde's other novels!

    15. Original post at One More PageThe Last Dragonslayer was one of my favorite reads in 2011, and I'm not just saying that because Jasper Fforde is my favorite author. I absolutely loved Jasper Fforde's YA debut, and I thought it was a hilarious and smart read. Silly me, though, that I didn't know there was going to be a sequel to this. It totally took me by surprise, but I'm not complaining. A new Jasper Fforde? Of course I want that!Jennifer Strange, the last dragonslayer in the Ununited Kingdom, [...]

    16. "All in all it had been quite a morning" p 43.Jennifer Strange 16 narrates many narrow escapes managing house of magicians for absent Great Zambini, with Kazam trainee, fellow foundling Tiger Prawns "tall for twelve" p 4 . She likes "good looking" Youthful Perkins 18 - or is he suggesting? He keeps asking for a date. Quarkbeast mating song precedes a uniting of opposite quarkbeasts -- and mass explosion. Just what a Master Villain plans. Blix is bad from the start. The roundabout story of how he [...]

    17. I won this book in a Giveaway. I read very few books in one day, this was one of them. Very few books have the ability to change my way of thinking or jump out of my comfort zone of reading material, this was one of them.Because I won this copy, I was driven to first read the predecessor of this story, The Last Dragonslayer. While I enjoy some dragon stories and a few Arthurian novels, I rarely venture outside of the genre of Westerns or horse stories, I have been depraved. I quickly fell in lo [...]

    18. I was looking forward to this book. In general I find reading young adult novels to be a breath of fresh air and I was hoping that The Song of the Quarkbeast would live up to its press as a magical adventure with a bit of nerdy wordplay.The StoryYoung Jennifer Strange, a foundling, is left in charge of Kazam, the more ethical of the two companies that perform magic.Their newly renamed competitor iMagic is up to no good, manipulating King Snodd into ordering a contest between the wizards of both [...]

    19. The Song Of The QuarkbeastByJasper FfordeMy " in a nutshell" summaryMagic is a mess in the Ununited Kingdom and it is up to Jennifer Strange to deal with it! My thoughts after reading this bookThis opening paragraph said by Jennifer herself pretty much sums up this bookI work in the magic industry. I think you'll agree it's pretty glamorous: a life of spells, potions, and whispered enchantments; of levitation, vanishing, and alchemy. Of titanic fights to the death with the powers of darkness, of [...]

    20. Ms. Strange and crew are back! This time they are attempting to deal with the resurgence of magic whilst also fending off iMagic's attempts to "merge" (insert evil corporate take over by any and all underhanded means) their wizarding powers and the fact the general public is still leery of magic. Added to that, one of the precogs has had a vision that Jennifer's mentor, the Great Zambini, is going to appear again, with a precise date and time but no location. Not to mention a crazy colonel with [...]

    21. In this novel, sequel to "The Last Dragonslayer", magic is starting to finally come back into the world much stronger than it previously had been. Now that the last Dragon has become 2 Dragons, magic is on the rise. Jennifer Strange, the sixteen year old foundling who is acting manager of the Wizards of Kazam Mystical Arts Management, is having no trouble finding jobs for her Wizards to do - everything from finding lost objects (that don't want to be found) to participating in the rebuilding of [...]

    22. I am really enjoying this book series! This time we find Jennifer Strange in the middle of a magician battle. If Kazam loses, then they will be forced to work for the King's magic company, imagic. Blix is orchestrating this take down of Kazam. All kinds of crazy shenanigans ensue, as usual. Wizards are being turned to stone trying to figure out how to access the Dibble (magic storage). They recovered a cursed ring. She infiltrates troll lands and is finally able to talk with the Great Zambini (f [...]

    23. There’s witty world building, deadpan absurdities, and physics-based/paradox-laced humor galore in Jasper Fforde’s The Song of the Quarkbeast, his second YA novel in The Last Dragon Slayer series, but surprisingly all that funny stuff doesn’t get in the way of its heart pounding suspense--I read the last chapters of the book at a gallop--and it didn’t prevent me from deeply caring about what happened to Jennifer Strange, all her quirky cohorts, and the state of magic in the Ununited King [...]

    24. Second book in the Last Dragonslayer series. After the events of the first book, magic is seeping back into the country, but it can't be fast enough for Jennifer and the rest of the folk at Kazam wizard agency, as they're still little able to do more than basic errands. Their battery's getting energy, but it's locked up tight, and attempts to decrypt it have turned all comers to stone. That's particularly a problem because they've been challenged to a magic bridge-building competition by their r [...]

    25. Wie schon der erste Band überzeugt auch der zweite Teil auf ganzer Linie!Die Geschichte ist sehr spannend und humorvoll und vor allem ist der Verlauf der Geschichte nicht vorhersehbar. Es handelt in erster Linie von dem Wettstreit zwischen den Agenturen Kazam und iMagic, welcher über einige unerwartete Wendungen zu einem überraschenden Ende geführt hat.Wie auch schon im ersten Band war insbesondere der abschließende Teil der Geschichte ein wahres Feuerwerk. Das Ende war schon mehr als zufri [...]

    26. It was writing of someone who perhaps doesn't think they are SO great, but at least think they are so attuned to writing they think the can just write a book with their least dominant hand. Or to ambidextrous, their foot. Write it thus, and occasionally have a little thoughts, and write the same stuff again. It was like you were reading an American television series with all the repeats on background info. It wasn't a bad plot. In fact it was a very good fantasy world, very good plot, very good [...]

    27. 3.5 stars. Zany is the word that comes to mind for the Chronicles of Kazam. In this second book, House of Kazam manager Jennifer Strange is still struggling with her wizidrical employees. In the opening scene, she is asked to retrieve a gold ring (for a large sum of money), at the bottom of an enchanted well, and a trainee barely escapes at the well collapses. Then, she is challenged by their main competitor Industrial Magic (now iMagic) to a bridge building contest, with the losers to become pa [...]

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